Bilingual Education

A Learning Object

Learning objects can be defined as online resources that enhance learning. For example, videos, presentations, ebooks, and blogs can be used to support students’ understanding of online materials. When creating an online course, it is essential to establish clear learning objectives that serve as a roadmap for designing course content. To develop effective objectives, creators […]

Create a Podcast or Vodcast

Podcast Title: Learn with a Flurbirt Tools: Canva, Buzzsprout, Rode speaker, Audacity Links: One tip for developing a podcast: Add the music track first before adding the audio track. Scripts: Welcome to our podcast. Technology has been integrated into teaching and learning for many years. Educators including teachers and administrators look for more information and resources […]

Bilingual Programs

In the recent three years, more and more bilingual programs have been developed in California. This is a great time to start thinking about how to build and develop bilingual/multi-lingual programs in the school setting. Research has shown that more than 60% of children in California speak other languages before 5 years old. These populations […]

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