Being Productive

Being productive does not mean getting more work or hours into the day; it is about letting people complete their tasks efficiently with less struggle (Duhigg, 2016). Thanks to technology, many people have started collaborating with digital tools in their life and work. In this paper, the author evaluates the two technology tools for the task.

The author works in a start-up organization and her recent task is to hire three new teachers. The two technology tools she is using are Google Suite and Doodle. Google Suite is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools and products (Google, n.d.). Doodle is a calendar tool for time management and coordinating meetings (Doodle, n.d.).

The metrics she used for evaluating the digital tools are loading time, data security, cost, and customer service (Aha, n.d.). The three activities are as below.

  • First, she completed the task without a technology tool. She called candidates and asked them to mail her the resumes. It took two weeks to complete the screening process and $10 to mail letters back with responses.
  • The second time she used Google Suite and the productivity was completely different. All candidates emailed their resumes and they had interviews via Google Meet. It takes .5 seconds to load Gmail and there is no cost. They can also remove personal data information from the data and privacy area. The customer service is OK.
  • The third time she used Doodle instead of Google Suite. This platform is easy to set up a time for interviews so the author and her team can arrange a time to do an interview panel. It’s free and the loading time is .2 seconds. When there are questions, people can submit tickets for customer service. The data processing and conditions are strict so customers should not be too concerned.


Instructional technology can provide students with a variety of ways to engage each other to have a profound impact on their academic performance (Stephens & Roberts, 2017). The author uses digital tools to improve the productivity of the work. As a leader of a start-up organization, she suggests all her staff use Google Suite and Doodle together to organize the projects and collaborate with the team. It helps the team to track the progress and move projects forward.


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Being Productive
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