There are always chanllenges as foreign language teachers; however, one of the most difficult things is to stick to your dream and do what you want to do.

I am not talking about the curriculum we are designning, how we are motivating students to language study and how we are managing our classroom; while people always say, as a teacher, what you can do is to teach students, that’s it. I remember ten years ago, when I planned to become a Chinese teacher abroad, there were so many people did not believe me or even laugh at me, I still sticked to my dream and realize it. Now it’s been ten years, I am not only teaching but also devote to develop billingual/foreign language program and speak up for local communities to start a language program. I know it is hard, not everything is easy, I even doubt myself to see if worth it…

There are responsibilies and passion here, I believe. Grab it!

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