The Ultimate Computer Lab

Technology has been integrated into language teaching and learning for many years. Educators including teachers and administrators look for more information and resources to support teachers to implement technology. With access to technology, the learning experience for students has been improved (Francom, 2016).

A Computer Lab for the Language Learning Program


This computer lab is used for a K12 school.

Purposes or Goals of the Computer Lab

The computer lab plays an important role in creating an inclusive and structured learning environment for students (ViewSonic, n.d.). Teachers can utilize technology tools from the computer lab and differentiate the learning to meet diverse students’ needs. The purpose of the computer lab is to support the student-centered learning environment and prepare teachers to fully access teaching resources to improve learning outcomes.

Description of the Chosen Devices

The school will purchase 30 PCs for the computer lab.

The Chosen Hardware

Hardware like the keyboard, the monitor, the mouse, and the central processing unit will be included. The school will also purchase additional motherboards for future replacement or repair.

The Chosen Software

The school will use the Windows operating system. Office Suites will be set up on the PCs.

Image of Computer Lab

Figure 1

Image For the Computer Lab.

Note. This image shows the computer lab. Resource is from Naiku, n.d.


Table 1

Budget Example
PC (full set)30$21,000Include the taxes ($700 per computer)
Projector & Holder1$1,000 
Project Screen1$500 
Power Supply10$500 
Hardware & Installation30$1,000 
Software Purchase5$3,000Better deal when purchasing the bundle
Lab Furniture (tables and seats)30$4,000 
Staff Training $3,000 
Electricity Connection Expenses $1,000 
Computer Repair Services $4,000 
Internet Services $1,000 
Total $40,000

An Estimated Breakdown of Expenses within the Budget

Note. This table shows the expenses for the budget ($40,000) for the computer lab.


Although many teachers who prefer to use laptops or tablets in their own classrooms, the function of the computer lab cannot be replaced (Naiku, n.d.). This is a place where language teachers can leverage the situation for instructional technology. Students can enhance their technology skills through a structured environment. Also, the stable internet service in the computer lab will lower frustration and anxiety when holding computer-based assessments.


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The Ultimate Computer Lab
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