Challenge being colleagues

When we are working as a teacher, we are not working by ourselves, we also work with other people. The closest adults we are working with are colleagues in the same school.

Although everyone has different personality, every teacher has his or her own style, for me, I think every one has the chance to know each other and learn from each other. While the truth is, some teachers stick to his/her style and didn’t realize the importance of development.

There are a lot of reasons that our teachers give up opportunities developing teaching strategies:

No recognition from the admins and other colleagues;

No appreciation from the school by attending PDs(professional development);

No salary or benifit for being away from work;

Sacrafice of time that need to stay with families;

In one word, no need for a teacher if he/she already achieved the highest culumn of salary.

We have to face a fact, if our teacher do not develop themselves, our kids won’t have updated knowledges to face their future. How to “put our kids first” needs to let everyone think and reflect…

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